Commercial Tree Services

Top-Quality Commercial Tree Services

Get rid of unwanted trees from your commercial property with our help. At Tim's Tree Service, Inc, we have experienced professionals who can remove the tree safely from your property. Rely on us to provide you with superior tree services.

Lot Clearing Services

Before building a new home, you may need to remove brush, trees, and stumps from your lot. We have the right equipment to get the job done fast. Get in touch with us when you need lot clearing services.
Bucket Truck

Municipal Snow Removal

During the winter, we provide the City of Holyoke plow trucks to keep the roads clear for the community. In larger storms, we use a Bobcat to remove excess snow from your property.
Snow Removal

Condo Property Management

Besides residential properties, we also work on commercial properties. Whether you manage condos or apartments, we can handle all your tree removal needs.
We offer 24-hour emergency services! Call us at
413-467-2970 or
413-594-5734 today!
“Tim did an absolutely amazing job taking down a giant pine tree for me. He was professional, safe, and wonderful to deal with. He did more cleanup and yard protection than I was even expecting, carefully avoiding my garden and children's play set. 

There is almost no trace in my yard of this enormous job even happening. I cannot recommend this business highly enough. I did research and got multiple quotes for the job, and I have no regrets choosing Tim. Thank you!”

- Rebecca Merriel Lavelle
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