Residential Tree Services

Superior Residential Tree Services

When you need quality residential tree services, call the experts at Tim's Tree Service, Inc. From tree pruning to stump grinding, we can do it all. We can also provide you with crane and climbing services. Contact us today!

Tree Pruning

Pruning your tree is an important part of property maintenance. Removal of dead branches protects you from potential hazards. Trees planted too close to the house should be trimmed to keep your home safe from unexpected storms.

Other reasons to prune your tree may be to get more sunlight on your pool or keep limbs away from power or cable lines attached to your home.
Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

After your tree has been removed, you’ll be left with an unattractive stump with roots that can cover your yard. Grinding the stump is an easy way to remove it and get your lawn ready to seed with some additional loam.
Stump Grinding

Cord Wood Delivery

At Tim's Tree Service, Inc, we try to recycle the entire tree. One way is by producing cord wood for campfires and heating the home.

Call us anytime to request a delivery of a cord or more but don't wait too long, we usually run out of seasoned wood early in the fall. Prices vary with the market.
Wood Delivery

Climbing Service

With 20 years of experience working on people's properties, sometimes climbing the tree is the best solution for removing a tree with minimal impact to your property.

In situations like removing trees near a septic system or removing a tree that cannot be easily accessed by a bucket truck, it’s the only option. Tim knows all the climbing techniques to safely trim or take the tree down.

60-Foot Bucket Service

Our bucket truck allows us to easily trim trees or take them down to reduce the time on your property. We use special pads when we drive on your lawn to ensure we protect your lawn.

Crane Service

We collaborate with an independent crane operator to ensure jobs that cannot be climbed or cannot be reached by a bucket truck. No job is too big or too small for us.

Using a crane is sometimes the only solution for trees in tight spaces with no access, trees on banks of rivers, or trees that are too badly damaged. The goal is to always remove the tree with the least damage to your property.
We offer 24-hour emergency services! Call us at
413-467-2970 or
413-594-5734 today!
“After being quoted an absurd amount from various "local" companies for removal of a single tree, I scheduled an estimate from Tim's Tree Service. I was extremely impressed from the start and was quoted a very reasonable amount. If you’re looking for a professional and local company, go with Tim's.

They were great from start to finish. They not only took care of the tree or stump, but they made sure they cleaned up all the debris and covered their tracks.”

- Paul Temple
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