Why take down a tree?  We remove trees for a few reasons, actually.  The tree could be dead, the tree may be alive, but hazardous to home or property or people, or we may be performing Lot Clearing for a construction area.

There are different ways to do take trees down, and it depends on the tree size, shape, reach, location and health status.

  1. Notch and drop. Making a well planned cut at the base particularly chosen to direct the manner, speed, and direction the tree will fall.

  2. Climbing method, or the rope and saddle method, rope rigging. The experienced climber lifts himself into the tree, by throwing a climbing rope into the tree and raising himself up into it, secured by a series of special safety climbing knots and ropes. Branches are tied to a rope, and then cut carefully by Tim. He lowers them down.

  3. Some times we have to use aCRANE.


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